It is easy to get to the house by car or public transport from Malaga, Granada and Almeria.
To navigate to the parking lot at the top of La Caleta use:
“Calle Continuo A, 13, Salobreña, Granada, Spanien”.
You can also park at the bottom of La Caleta near the old sugar factory.

Getting to the house by car from Malaga Airport (1 hour):

  • Follow the motorway east towards Almeria (MA-20 -> A7)
  • Take exit 314: N-340/Salobreña/Almuñécar (Este)
  • Continue east at N-340 towards Motril.
  • Take a right at the top of La Caleta
    (Google maps: Calle Continuo A, 13, Salobreña)
    TomTom: Calle De Continuo Alto, 13, Salobreña)

Getting to the house by car from Granada (40 min):

  • Follow the motorway south towards Motril/Salobreña (A-44)
  • Turn right onto N-340 towards Salobreña/Almunecar
  • Turn left into La Caleta.

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To get to the house by public transport from Malaga:

There are direct busses 1-2 times daily from Malaga Airport.
Alternatively, take the bus to Malaga bus terminal.
From Malaga bus terminal take a bus to Salobreña/Motril)
(you can also change in Almunecar)
Typically, you can get of the bus when it passes La Caleta.
Buscompany: Alsa

Public transport to/from Salobreña (restaurants/shopping/beach):

A local bus connects La Caleta, Salobreña and Salobreña Beach.
It runs every half hour during the summer and every hour in winter.