Los Guájaras are three beautiful villages (Guájar-Faragüit, Guájar-Fondón and Guájar-Alto). Los Guájaras, which comes from Arabic, means a place of difficult access. The villages are situated in a mountainous area, only 20 min away west of the old road to Granada. It offers several hiking opportunities including an exciting track to the ruins of an ancient Morish village and fortification on top of the ridge, almost invisible from the valley. We recommend to start the walk from Guajar-Faragüit to the ruin, because the trail is better marked from this side. After visiting the ruin continue onto Guajar-Fondón, and head back to where you started along Rio de la Toba. The river got the nick name ‘the river of blood’ after the defeat of the Moors.

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