Practical info

Manual for – Casa la Luna


You can park at the top of La Caleta (see lower left corner of the photo below). Navigate to “Calle Continuo A, 13, Salobreña, Granada, Spain”. When you arrive from Almuñecar on N-340 you turn right when you see three garbage containers just after you have spottet Salobreña in the distance (the town on the cliff). When you have parked, walk down the street. Between the second and third major turn of the road there is a small stairway to the left. Go down the stairs. This is ”Calle Albarrada Segunda”. The house is ”La Luna” at ”Calle Albarrada Segunda, 21” (unfortunately GPS navigation often do not work in town).

Road to house

Finding the house

If you park at the bottom of La Caleta, go up the road (left of the small grocery store). When you see a sharp turn in front of you (brown and white house), take the stairs to the right. This leads you to ”Calle Albarrada Segunda”, just left of and above of ”Calle Albarrada Primera”. The street can only be accessed using stairs going up or down. There are no sign with the street name, but you can see it on the mail boxes.

Road to house

Access to house – from below

If you can’t find the street (has happened for some people), be sure you are in Calle Real and walk down the stair to the left of the house with three stars.

CalleReal  StjerneStjernehus

Arriving to the house

You find the key in the key-locker next to the mailbox. Enter the code provided and press the button. To lock it again, close it and enter a random number (e.g. “0000”).

Yale key-locker


When you arrive, the power may be switched off. You turn on power on the panel to your left immediately after you enter the house. It is hidden behind a wooden box with the print ”Taylor’s vintage port”. The main switch to the left has to be turned on.

You may also need to turn on the water to the toilet (tab to the right of the toilet). The water may have been switched of on the main switch. If there is no water, you can find a key in the small porcelain box at the top of the drawer or in the left drawer of the cabinet in the hall-way. The main switch is behind the small hatch facing the street to the left of the door under the stains leading to the main entrance (do not confuse it with the hatch just to the right of the fence gate – it belongs to the neighbor).

Keys to all interior doors can be found in the left drawer in the cabinet in the hall-way.

If the bicycles are in the living room, you can place them in the atrium or in the storeroom under the stairway  during your stay. The key for the storeroom is with the other keys.

NB non-smoking house: The house is strictly non-smoking. Cleaning costs related to violations of this rule will be deducted from your deposit.


When you leave the house, please:

  • Write about your stay in the guestbook.
  • Store all wooden terrace furniture, blinds and the parasols in the terrace storeroom.
  • Read the section about cleaning, even if you have a contract where cleaning is included.
  • Turn of the water to the washing machine and the toilet.
  • Empty the fridge and freezer and leave the doors open (unless otherwise agreed)
  • Do not leave any food with a short shelf life such as meat, vegetables, etc.
  • Turn off all gas bottles (stoves and heater). Toggle the small knob on top of the bottle.
  • Turn of the power – the main switch to the left in the panel by the entrance.
  • Place the bicycles in the living room or locked under the roof in the patio.
  • Close all windows.
  • Lock all the doors (terrace, atrium and main door).
  • Shut off the internet router.

When you leave the house, place the key in the keylocker outside and change to a random number or to 0000.


It is your responsibility to prevent unauthorised access to the house. A few precautions:

  • Always close the main door shutters when you leave the house unattended (or sleep). Otherwise, the glass windows can be pushed open and the door can be unlocked.
  • Lock the door to the atrium when you leave the house unattended (or sleep). Someone could climb the wall behind the house.
  • Lock the door to the terrace when you leave the house unattended. In principle, someone could accent the house, although this is relatively unlikely.


Before you can use the stove, you need to turn on the gas. You just toggle the small knob on the top the gas bottle (and put the lid on if necessary). It is in the cupboard to the right of the stove.

Air condition

There is an air condition unit in the kitchen and in the small bed room at the 1st floor. Each of these has a remote control (stored in the kitchen and in the bedroom). The basic functions of the remote control are heating, cooling and cleaning. Cooling has an “ice” symbol. You can regulate temperature, fan speed and direction, and more on the remote control. You need to point the control towards the cooling unit otherwise it will not register the changes.

Please do not leave the cooling or heating on when you leave the house for longer periods.


The air condition units are also heating units (heat pump). Be sure you set it on the heating icon – otherwise it will cool or rinse. I may take several minutes before the heat appears when you switch it on.

The house has two gas heaters, in addition to the heat pump. These heaters are efficient and simple to use. Simply connect the gas, toggle the small knob and press the ignite button until the flame is visible and stable. The two buttons adjusts the heat level.


The roof-ventilators functions as central light and ventilator. If you pull one of the cords, the light switches on/of. If you pull the other, the ventilator starts and decreases the velocity for each “pull/click”, until it switches off again.


Terrace furniture is stored in the small storeroom at the terrace – or occasionally placed in the bedrooms as reading tables. Cushions for the chairs can be found in the terrace storeroom or in the small bedroom.

The terrace parasol is stored in the terrace storeroom. Please do not leave the open parasol unattended as winds occasionally can become very strong.

You are welcome to use the grill. It is in the small storeroom. Please stock up if you deplete the coal or fire starter. Unless there is a risk of rain, you can leave the grill on the terrace over night until it is cold and it can be placed in the storeroom again. You can also use the telescope to gaze at the stars or to see the coast of Africa. Additional equipment for the telescope can be found in a drawer in the smallest 1. floor bedroom.

Mosquito nets for the windows

Some of the windows are fitted with mosquito nets. There are not a lot of mosquitoes but it is nice to be able to sleep with the windows open without getting stung. The nets in kitchen and in the small bedroom are permanently mounted whereas the one in the other bedroom on the top floor can be taken out. It is, however, a bit fragile so be careful when mounting and dismounting it. It is easier to mount when the shutters have been taken of the hinges.

In wet periods during winter and spring, you may want to put on mosquito protection if you sit on the terrace at nightfall if you are particularly prone to be bitten.


Although you may have an agreement to have the house cleaned after you leave, please do not leave food and other edible remains lying around on the tables or floors. Please also remove all garbage from the house when you leave.

If you want to clean something during your stay, you will find tools for cleaning in the atrium and detergents under the sink.

Washing machine

To use the washing machine, turn on the water tab to the right of the machine. The handle should be vertical when the machine is on.

There is a users manual in the cupboard next to the machine. Be aware that some of the cotton programs last around three hours, so “daily” (1 hour) may be a better option. However, if you use the daily program, remember to adjust the temperature before you start the machine, by pushing the temperature button (defaults to 60 degrees).

Be aware that the same led-light illustrate temperature (immediately and only a few seconds after you push the temperature button) and program activity. When you do not push any buttons, it indicates program activity (washing, spinning, …)

All programs seem to use both detergent compartments, so fill both (1/3 in 1 and 2/3 in 2). If you use liquid detergent, you should place the vertical, light-blue plastic divider (in the wooden cupboard) in compartment 2 to stop it from floating prematurely into the machine. If you use washing powder, this divider has to be removed.

If the machine does not start it may be because the water is not turned on – or you may need to open and close the door again a bit more firmly.


The villagers sort their garbage into four fractions.: 1) plastic (bottles etc.) , 2) glass, 3) paper and cardboard, and 4) the rest. At the top and bottom of the village (next to the factory) you will find containers for each fraction.

Domestic waste (the rest fraction) will be picked up daily around 8 pm in the street except Sundays. You just have to place the plastic garbage bag adjacent to the fence in the street, but preferably not before 7 pm (watch what the neighbours are doing).


There is a group in the electricity panel for each section of the house. If something is wrong with the electric system, please contact the owners (Ole Sørensen, +4526150065) immediately (or the contact number written on the panel).


Gas bottles can be replaced at most gas stations. The nearest one is at the main road to Salobreña (BP). Cost is about 16-18 Euro. This will be refunded if you have rented the house through Pargo Villas or AirBnB (please keep the receipt).

The gas company visits the village every Monday at about 11 am. You will hear them shouting. If you put your empty bottle in the street with 18 Euro, the bottle should be exchanged for at new. We have, however, not tried this. If the stove runs out of gas you can also choose the easy solution and take a bottle from one of the heaters:-)

Sheets, duvets, blankets, matrasses, towels, etc. 

Under the beds there are boxes with extra blankets. Four single duvets are stored as cushions (striped cushions). Sheets, covers and towels are stored under the bed in the large bedrooms and in the cupboards. If you need an extra mattress, it is placed behind the bed in the small bedroom.

Please use the coloured towels for the beach as the white towels easily get stained.

If you have paid for cleaning, please leave the used linen, towels, etc. on the floor or in the basket in the washroom (leave wet towels and cloth out to dry). If not, please wash a much as you can before you leave the house, and leave it to dry in the living room. I you cannot make it due to an early flight, please leave the rest in the container in the washroom, and inform us.


If you want Internet, there is a mobile router with a data card in the right drawer in the hall (unless you bring one). On the Danish card there is 10GB available per month – so do not use it for extensive streaming and videos. Log-on using the password “dolphins”.

Equipment for activities

In the chest in the terrace storeroom you can find beach-ware such as goggles, games, mattresses, beach parasol, etc. Snorkelling at the small pebble beach is really worthwhile.

Suggestions for activities can be found on We also store brochures under the table in the living room including suggestions for and description of walks and bicycle paths. You are welcome to add your suggestions.

You are welcome to read the books at the 1. floor.


There are two bicycles in the house. You are welcome to use them for shopping in Salobreña or for tours into the countryside or the mountains (muy duro!). Bicycle equipment (helmet, lock, gloves, lights, pump) can be found in the drawer in the hall-way. Air pressure should be 3 PSI. If you have an agreement, the bikes can be used at your responsibility and should be replace/repaired if broken or stolen. People in Salobreña have indicated to us that bicycle theft is not uncommon, so take care. There are repair tools and oil under the sink.

Please lock the bikes if you leave them unattended. The wheels are easy to remove, so please attach the frame and front wheel to something solid when leaving the bikes. The yellow bike is by far the most expensive (and best bike). This bike can be repaired in Motosport Tropic S.L. in Salobreña (next to the BP gas station) where we bought it in 2014. The other bike has been bought in Al Campo in Motril. They may repair it, but a safer bet is probably to ask Motosport to do it.

Groceries, bread etc.

You can buy most of your daily needs in the local grocery shop. The owner is very friendly. The shop is in the street between the town and the sugar factory. The bakery is in the basement of a building a bit further up the street to the right of the bar (away from the water). If you continue up the street and turn left there is a small pharmacy (farmacia). There is also a kiosk (Tabac) and a kiosk by the bus station selling candy and ice cream.

There are plenty of shops in Salobreña and even more in Motril. If you take the second exit to Salobreña from N-340 and turn right immediately after “Calle Góngora” you will find a really good Mercedona supermarket with 1 hour free parking. On the other side of N-340 there is a very nice Lidl (with freshly baked bread) and at Av. Peronne there are two more supermarkets (and two “bazars”). If you drive to Motril and take the first exit from N-340, you will get to a gigantic El Campo hypermarket.

Bars and restaurants

La Caleta have three bars in the street next to the factory. They all serve light food of a reasonable quality. Prices are very affordable. They serve a “tapa” with each beer. Our favourite is the one next to the Tabac shop.

The closest restaurant is in La Guardia, five minutes up the beach. In summer, there are plenty of restaurants at Salobreña beach (15-20 minutes walk). We have tried “El Penon”, “La Bahia” and “Casa Emilio” which are both friendly and has good food. Also in the centre of Salobreña there are many bars and restaurants (the Aróis is very modern and has expensive, high quality food). Just below the castle to the north, there is a restaurant (LaTraviesa) that features traditional Spanish dance on Mondays and jazz on Wednesdays. The owners are really friendly and speak some English. The food is good. Entry is normally free if you order from the menu. Check on There is also a very good restaurent on the main road between La Caleta and Salobreña. It is called Miba. It is a bit more expensive than typical Spanish restaurants, but worth the while. Nice food and beautiful view.

First aid

There is a first aid kit in the bathroom. If you use it up, please stock up in the pharmacy, which is opposite of the church in La Caleta. We will reimburse expenses associated with stocking up (keep the receipt).


You may encounter some small mosquitoes in the evening. So, do not let the windows or doors stay open after nightfall and consider using repellent when sitting outside.

Luckily we haven´t had any pest problems. Ants occasionally find their way into the house, especially if you leave food or crumbles on the table. As a general rule, don’t leave food or remains. If you encounter pests there are remedies under the sink.


In some periods of the year, the old sugar factory produces alcohol on 24 hours shifts all weekdays. There may be a little noise from the machines and sometimes you may hear trucks shifting things around. Sometime there is a characteristic sweet smell of alcohol or molasses that gets stronger the closer you get to the factory. Occasionally, the smell may reach the terrace, but only if the wind comes from south-east.

Small beach

The path to the small beach from the small harbour in the village has been fenced off. This is due to falling rocks. We usually ignore the fence but keep an eye out.  You can also access the beach by walking to the top of the village and down the mountains side from here – or walk a little along the gravel road next to N-340 and turn left down the valley; this is longer, but a really nice walk.